Cell TowerGravelpave2 Provides Access Road to Cell Tower in Massachusetts Norton, MA

A Cell Tower needed an access road and Gravelpave2 was the perfect fit. Providing porosity, erosion protection and cost saving. View more photos and read the project profile here...




Product's Service Life May Exceed 100 Years

So you want a great ROI? Well how about a lifespan of 100 years or more? According to Plastics News, products made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and high impact polypropylene (HIPP) can have service lives in excess of a centruy. Specify Rainstore3 (HIPP) and Grasspave2 (HDPE) on your next project.


BR2 PinningDesign Detail for Pinning Beachrings2

A new design detail is available for pinning Beachrings2 to sand on beaches. Using long sod pins (or staples), Beachrings2 can be stabilized. Download the files here...



Time Lapse Grasspave2 Install

Enjoy this Grasspave2 install video.




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