LAM Rainstore3

Landscape Architecture Magazine Features Rainstore3

The "POUR IT ON- Water Brings Energy and Calm" article in the August issue of LAM, features Rainstore3. Author Lisa Speckhardt highlights Rainstore3 as a replacement for real estate consuming detention ponds and examines the unique modular structure of Rainstore3. Find out more about Rainstore3 here...




Aquaponics Greenhouse Flooring

Gravelpave2 as Greenhouse Flooring

The Aquaponics Greenhouse at the San Bernadinao Museum used Gravelpave2 as a stabilizing agent for the floor. The working (food producing) greenhouse needed a viable option for visitors, workers, and equipment in the veteran run facility. View photos and read more here...



Land and WaterLand and Water Magazine Highlights Grasspave2

Author Mark Walker features Grasspave2 in his "Pervious, Permeable & Porous Pavers - the 3P's and how they relate to stormwater management" article in the July/August issue of Land and Water. Walker also goes on to mention the Westfarms Mall Grasspave2 installation. Read the article here...



Terratame2 Downloads

Terratame2 Installation Manual

"Get ready to roll" and easily unroll Terratame2 – the new product from Invisible Structures. How easy? The new install manual is now available for download and can show you the fast install steps for Terratame2 for scour protection, erosion control and occasional grass parking.




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